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R-WALL's Floor Insulation system

R-WALL sells the market leading Insulation for Flooring and basements!

Manufactured in the same environmentally friendly and sustainable way as R-Walls formwork.  The system is available in four compressive strength grades and suitable for those projects requiring Environmental accreditation, or just those individuals where sustainability and environmental considerations are important. This flooring combines perfectly with R-Walls formwork. 

Forest Trees

Green Guide Rating A+

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Just like R-Walls formwork the flooring has attained a BREEAM Green Guide Rating A. The insulation is made using carbon dioxide as the main blowing agent, the insulation board has an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of zero and a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of less than five.

Available in a range of compressive strengths and can be installed above and below ground!

The Flooring insulation is available in a range of compressive strengths to match the loading requirements of individual projects. These include 200 Kpa and 300 Kpa strength, suitable for Domestic floor applications, 500 Kpa for commercial uses and 700 Kpa for heavy industrial, including parking decks.


The insulation can be installed under or over the slab in ground bearing concrete floors and is suitable for use with suspended beam and block and timber floors. With negligible water absorption, it has natural resistance to rain, snow, frost and water vapour which makes it an exceptionally stable material. It retains its initial insulation performance and physical integrity in exposed conditions over the very long term. The board has high strength and rigidity, and good dimensional stability. It can be cut easily and accurately using hand tools, offering simple and quick installation with minimal waste. The insulation has a low susceptibility to rot, minimising mould or fungal growth. They are clean, odourless and free from irritating dust.

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Case Study

R-Wall's  insulated under slab basement construction

Location: Mylor

Requirement: Basement Construction with under slab insulation

U-Value: 0.14 (Passive House level)

Products used: R-Walls Standard Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) with 8 inch Tie system & 100mm 300kpa Flooring boards

The client wanted to achieve Passive House energy efficiency with zero cold bridging, whilst maximising the benefits of Thermal mass. His build had a basement element making full use of the sloping site.

The picture to the left shows the Insulated flooring laid on compacted hardcore and sand blinding ready to pour the concrete slab. R-Wall also sells the external upstands to retain the concrete as shown in the pictures.

R-Wall insulated under slab slab.jpg

The slab is then strengthened with steel reinforcing mesh​ placed onto pedestals to ensure the required cover of concrete. 

Starter bars are placed around the perimeter in the location where the R-Wall basement retaining walls will be constructed.

The concrete slab is then laid. Ready for the next stage.

As you can see from the image, the versatility of R-Wall with its moving tie system is paramount in these build situations. R-Wall easily facilitates the steels with its moveable R-Tie system. This would not be the case with the preformed ICF modular systems which cannot be adapted and are much less versatile.

R-Wall basement construction.jpg

The next stage of construction is the basement walls. Pictured is the Standard R-Wall Insulated Concrete formwork system which is built off the slab. R-Wall is the only ICF system that can incorporate a standard DPM/DPC. R-Wall does not require a layer waterproof concrete like other ICF systems. 


In accordance with the structural engineers specifications on this build, rebar has been secured into the wall using the R-Wall tie integrated locators. This allows the builder quick and accurate location of the reinforcement giving a 40mm or 50mm cover of concrete. As illustrated below;

The walls will be completed with cavity closers ready for pour. Once poured the basement would require a waterproofing system implemented by a qualified technician. Please contact us for recommended installers.

Tie rebar locators.png
basement finished.jpg

The versatility of R-Wall is then realised in the next stage above ground.


The non retaining above ground element of the build does not require the larger 8 inch concrete core. Therefore the client choose to reduce cost and increase space by dropping seamlessly to a 6 inch R-Wall Tie. With the reduced thermal insulation (achieved by the surrounding ground structure at basement level), the client also upgraded to the Supreme R-Wall formwork above ground (100mm insulation inside and out) achieving passive house level energy efficiency. 

Such integration is made possible by R-Wall non modular system. R-Wall is probably the most versatile Insulated Concrete Formwork system on the market! 

The Client is so happy with his first R-Wall build that he has started another in the neighbours garden!

For more details on the flooring offered by R-Wall please click the above brochure link

Please select the icon above to view R-Walls flooring Technical data sheet.

Techinical Details

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