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R-WALL Testing and Approvals
R-Board Technical Details
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R-WALL is fully BBA tested and approved

BBA stands for British Board of Agrement and is a certification within construction industry, indicating a high quality product. A BBA status is highly regarded and used by manufacturer's in the industry as a symbol of product superiority.

R-WALL has been designed, tested and approved to meet or exceed compliance bench marks for use in loadbearing and non-loadbearing internal or external and separating walls, in domestic and non-domestic buildings subject to structural and fire considerations and building use.

Certified by the BBA (if installed, used and maintained in accordance with their certificate) to satisfy or contribute to satisfying the relevant requirements of the Building Regulations 2010 England and Wales, Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004, The Building Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2012 (See BBA Cert. 20/5809)

CE marking: Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) CE marked in accordance with harmonised European Standard BS EN 13164: 2012

Formwork: Tested to meet requirements of ETAG 009: 2002 (BBA Cert. 20/5809)

Steel Reinforcement: Not required as standard, but can be installed to structural engineers specifications where required - should comply with BS 4449: 2005

NHBC Standards 2020: R-WALL insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF) system, if installed, used and maintained in accordance with the BBA certificate, can satisfy or contribute to satisfying the relevant requirements in relation to NHBC standards

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