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R-WALL Alignment System

R-WALLs Alignment system consists of a Strong back, Adjustable Turnbuckle, Outrigger and Foot plate.

The alignment braces are connected to one face of the formwork at approximately 1.5 meter distances. The foot plate is secured to the floor and the strong back secured to the rails within the formwork. When the walls are poured with concrete the turnbuckle is adjusted to bring the walls to level prior to curing.

R-WALL advises during quotation the number of props which will be required.

R-WALL Alignment system is available to hire at only £3.00 per brace per week! (Subject to rental agreement)

alignment system curve good.jpg
R-Wall alignment system.jpg


R-WALL has chosen an alignment system without a platform. We feel this aids construction speed and saves costs for our customers. In line with health and safety, a build will require erection of external scaffold.  


R-WALL Corner Profile

corner brace.jpg


R-WALL also provides customer's with Corner Alignment Profiles. This aids the customer in formation of perfectly plumb corners and increases build speed! Every little helps!

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