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R-Tie and Core Width Options

Perhaps R-WALLs biggest design advantage lies in the innovative design of its R-Tie. The R-Tie length can be easily altered and this simply alters the width of the concrete core achieved, as illustrated below. 

R-Ties 4.png
6 inch core logo.jpg

159mm 6" R-Tie

159mm or 6 inch Concrete Core

8 inch core logo.jpg

212mm 8" R-Tie

212mm or 8 inch Concrete Core

10 inch core[16978] logo.jpg

262mm 10" R-Tie

262mm or 10 inch Concrete Core

12 inch core[16979] logo.jpg

313mm 12" R-Tie

313mm or 12 inch Concrete core

R-Tie locators

The R-Tie has been designed to allow concrete to flow easily through the cavity. The protected design keeps core congestion to a minimum, helping to achieve a complete and uniform fill efficiency. An individual R-Tie has been tested to hold up to 250kg in weight - that's the weight of a small motorbike! 

R-WALL does not require the addition of reinforcement as standard. However the R-Tie has specific locators where reinforcement/Re-Bar can be placed and secured to ensure correct covers of concrete are achieved.

Tie rebar locators (1).jpg

Moveable cavity R-Tie's

Perhaps R-Ties biggest advantage however is the versatility it offers within build. The R-Ties can be moved within the cavity to accommodate almost anything. The pictures below demonstrate just some of the reasons why this functionality is so important.


R-Ties being moved to accommodate starter bars on a retaining wall.


R-Ties being attached around reinforcement mesh 

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