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2 pours in 1 day

Two pours on a very windy day today! First pour commenced at 10.30, arrived at second job ready to pour at 12! Not many ICF systems can be poured at that speed

First on the list pouring 6.5 cube of concrete into a double R-Wall extension in Bridgerule Training day Monday Pouring Friday! 👌👍

A first for developers Middleton and Wilson. Super job!

Then onto Bude, first floor pour and gables, 4.8m height pour 13.5 cube of concrete. This sees completion for Architects RA Rowe & Co & Christopher Congdon first R-Wall build. I think they were impressed with the product!

A special thanks to Gary at Fayes Concrete for providing clock work top notch concrete.

A big thank to Phil at Cornwall concrete pumping Ltd for providing their usual expert service in particularly adverse conditions.

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