Obtain an R-WALL estimate

To calculate the Gross Square Meterage (Sqm) of the walls work out the length of the walls you wish to be constructed in R-Wall and multiply this by their respective heights. You may need to work this out in sections or over floor levels. If you have gables obtain the length and maximum height of this element and divide this figure by 2. Add all calculated areas together. For a visual demonstration click the diagram

Measuring the Square meterage of the Walls.jpg

To work out the total Square meterage of the openings take the window heights and multiply that by the window widths. Eg a standard window is 1.2 high x 1.2 wide = 1.44 sqm. Do this for all windows and door openings and add them together to obtain a total. Please click the diagram for a visual demonstration.

Calculating the square meterage of openings.jpg

To work out the perimeter of the build measure the external meterage of the footprint. Click the image for a visual demonstration

Perimeter Calculation.jpg

To work out the square meterage of the floor area you must calculate length x width as per illustration;

Square meterage of the floor Calculation.jpg
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Quotations and Estimates

Please complete the form below to receive an estimate for your project. Every project will first move through the estimate stage. Once estimates are approved we will then provide a detailed quotation. Instructions of how to obtain the data from your plans is given below. Alternatively your Architect maybe able to provide these numbers. Estimates should be received within 7 working days, if you haven't received your estimate within this time frame or you have any problems completing the form please do contact us. If you would like to supplement your application with Floor and Elevation plans please do send to info@r-wall.co.uk.