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What is R-WALL?

R-WALL is a NEW and innovative Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) build system which aims to revolutionise the way we build in the UK. R-WALL is located near Bude in Cornwall, UK.

R-WALL is designed to be climate conscious and design driven; combining exceptional energy, environmental and build efficiency with great versatility. It is an ideal way to build new houses to help achieve the UK’s goal of net zero emissions by 2050.


R-WALL is  part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development with the aim of modernising the building industry to meet ever increasing levels of energy efficiency and environmental standards. Our product and business ethos has been inspected and supported by local government action groups including the Leader Project, Atlantic and Moor, Cornwall Development Company and Europe Growth and Investment Projects.


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What is the R-WALL System?

Non-Modular - With Just 4 Components R-WALL Can Build Anything!


75mm 157mm 75mm wall configuration 2D lo
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  • Non-modular (not preformed blocks) means total design flexibility at architect stage, less waste, reduced transport and storage requirements, less cost and more versatility. 

  • No special design requirements. Build straight walls, curved walls, supporting walls, basements, swimming pools and much more with only 4 components.

The R-WALL system consists of extruded polystyrene panels held together by plastic rails and connectors. 


Once assembled, the formwork is infilled with concrete and remains in-situ to create an insulated superstructure. 


Chases are mechanically cut into the internal polystyrene surface to house plumbing and electrical services, then covered with plasterboard.  The chosen finish is then applied to the external polystyrene surface.


Exceptional Insulation

Lowest U-Values to Wall Widths on the Market!


U-Value as low as

U-Values are important for energy efficiency.  It is a measure of the wall's ability to maintain heat.

R-WALL is proud to be the leader in its field offering the lowest U-Value to wall width on the ICF market. Achievable U-Values as low as 0.11.  

R-WALL is proud to be the market leader offering the lowest U-Values to wall widths making R-WALL the most energy efficient ICF system on the market.

R-WALL'S exceptional XPS insulation delivers U-Values as low as 0.11 (Passivhaus = 0.15). You might think achieving such superior energy efficiency comes at a cost but in fact, build costs with R-WALL are equal to or less than standard build with significantly smaller width walls!


XPS Quality

R-WALL uses XPS (Extruded Polystyrene) not EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) like many other ICF systems

XPS is a superior polystyrene as it is closed cell, unlike EPS.


XPS offers many advantages over EPS including;

  • Closed cell system does not allow passage of liquid or vapour

  • Stronger, more robust

  • Much higher energy efficiency

  • Improved level of sound proofing.

xps v eps.png

The new build system is called R-WALL because in building and construction, the R-Value is a measure of resistance to heat flow through a given thickness of material. So, the higher the R-Value, the more thermal resistance the material has and therefore the better its insulating properties and thermal efficiency.

Superior Soundproofing




While more traditional or wooden construction methods consider sound- proofing an afterthought, it comes naturally with R-WALL.

The R-WALL boards act to absorb the sound whilst the concrete core reflects noise vibration. This double armour of protection gives R-WALL the ability to offer its customers the best soundproofing of any build type. Homes built near roads, airports, hospitals, schools and offices which need the best soundproofing for an optimum working or living environment should look no further than R-WALL as their build choice.

R-WALL achieves sound insulation levels well in excess of the current requirements laid down under Part E of the approved document "The Building Regulations 2010 - Resistance to the passage of sound."


Awesome Airtightness


One of the main advantages of R-WALL's construction method is the level of airtightness that it guarantees. 


Insulation is continuous throughout an R-WALL building, meaning there is no opportunity for the home to be penetrated by outside air. This ensures the building will be free from draughts and so allows the temperature to be controlled constantly. This also prevents the mixture of cool and warm air, called cold-bridging, which is a major cause of condensation and mould.


R-WALL houses should ideally incorporate a mechanical ventilation system to supply the home with fresh air 24/7, creating a healthier more comfortable living environment.

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Quick - Lightweight - All Weather Construction

 One of the major advantages of building with

R-WALL is the speed of build. Compared to conventional concrete blocks R-WALL boards are 4 times larger and 30 times lighter!!  Therefore laying one R-Board is equivalent to laying 3.5 concrete blocks!

R-WALL as a super lightweight build system offers major Health and Safety advantages in that there is no need for heavy lifting equipment and a reduced requirement for skilled labour. R-WALL is equally beneficial for the large building force as well as the smaller self-builder.

Construction in the UK is notoriously hampered by bad weather conditions. R-WALL however can be built in the rain with no fear of washed-out mortar joints or rotting timber wood structures! Why build with anything else in the UK?

R-WALL can also be panelised (similar to SIPS or timber frame) - large sections constructed off-site for even faster build speeds! Please contact our technical department for more details.

BBA Approval!


R-WALL has been successfully inspected and tested by the British Board of Agrément (BBA). BBA Certification is the benchmark required by Architects and Building Control officers and provides assurance of the ultimate mark of quality for the Building & Construction industry in the UK.


During testing they established that a single R-Tie holds in excess of 250 kilograms in weight! As an indicator it means just one tie can hold the weight of an average motorcycle!!

We hope obtaining such a high level of certification, will give our customers reassurance and confidence in R-Wall as a new innovative building system.

Super Strength

R-WALL uses poured concrete without construction joints, giving superior strength over timber or traditional build. Concrete actually gets harder with time unlike wood which rots! Most timber built structures will only give a life expectancy of 60 years!

R-WALL can withstand wind speeds of up to 240 mph.


The picture shows an ICF constructed house amongst timber frames still standing after a hurricane! 

icf houses standing hurricane.jpg

Did you know? A standard traditional build uses a 3.5 Newton strength concrete block, yet the concrete used in R-WALL is 35 Newtons - that's 10 times the strength!

Maximum Burn Rating


R-WALL, in addition to energy savings and quiet comfort, provides excellent resistance to fire.

R-WALL boosts a 4-hour fire rating as opposed to 15 minutes for a comparable wood framed wall. Unlike wood, concrete does not burn. And unlike steel, concrete does not bend when it gets hot. Concrete withstands heat of several thousand degrees, not common in a typical house fire. R-WALL'S concrete walls prevent fires from spreading.


R-WALL boards are manufactured with flame-retardant additives to further reduce damage in fire. After reviewing studies of fire emissions, the National Research Council reported that emissions from polystyrene foams were no more toxic than those of typical softwoods used in home construction.

Proud to be British!

R-WALL prides itself on being designed and manufactured solely in the UK and based in the West Country. The company is located in Cornwall!

Other than the inherent quality that comes from a British made product, there are many other advantages including:

  • Shorter supply timescales

  • Cost savings 

  • Works with UK metric building products (many competitors do not). This has significant advantages during second fixing of materials such as plasterboarding  

  • Supporting our UK Economy

  • Lower carbon footprint


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Approved by the Council of Mortgage Lenders


Mortgages are easily obtained - R-WALL is classed as a "standard build type" by the regulator of mortgage companies - the Council of Mortgage Lenders.

A Premium Product Which Saves You Money!


  • Speed of construction. R-WALL is quick to build. An experienced builder on a standard run can achieve up to 4 square metres per man hour.​ Laying one of our boards is the same as laying 3.5 standard concrete blocks. R-WALL can also be panelised offsite for even more rapid construction onsite. In addition, R-WALL increases the speed of second fix - fixing into rails for 

      plasterboard and cladding, chasing electrics etc.

  • No requirement for specialist or large machinery during construction.

  • Build to wall-plate/roof level without the expense of external scaffold.

  • Being incredibly energy efficient, R-WALL homes can easily achieve an ‘A’ rating. This level of efficiency means less energy is required to heat the home and thus reduces the energy bill. Owners of R-WALL buildings can see as much as a 60% reduction in their energy bills as a result. ​

  • R-WALL is a premium product but it doesn't come at a premium price.  Although ICF is often perceived  as the domain of the exclusive mega build, don't be put off by thinking R-WALL is too expensive. In fact it is comparable in cost to a standard build. 

R-WALL saves customers money in the following ways;

A Healthier Home & Environment

air poluutants.jpg

R-WALL construction is also incredibly environmentally friendly as there is minimal waste involved in R-WALL construction and the majority of R-WALL materials are recyclable.


R-WALL can also create a mould-free building, thanks to the incorporation of a mechanical ventilation system which prevents cold bridging, thus eradicating condensation. The air in the building is constantly filtered and there is a constant 24/7 stream of fresh moderated air. This helps to create a healthier environment in the building and protects the air within the home from pollutants and other external factors.

R-WALL is one of the most efficient ways of guaranteeing a rodent-free building. This is due to the thick barricade of concrete which seals the building and ensures no insects can enter, which is further enhanced by the fact that there is no organic matter in the building material, meaning nothing for the insects to feed on.


Protecting our Environment!


R-WALL is very climate conscious and environmentally friendly. Of course the resulting building requires less energy to heat and therefore throughout the building's lifespan it impacts much less on the environment. It is thought this "energy efficiency" will become more and more paramount in building. Building regulations are continuously increasing their energy efficiency requirements for new builds and it's thought council tax will be based on your energy efficiency rather that your home size in the future. 



R-WALL is also kind to the environment in its production. R-WALL components are made of recycled materials and all the components are recyclable. When boards or rails are cut they are not rendered un-usable, off-cuts can be used in the build reducing waste and saving costs. As shown in the picture. 


Other ICF products that are preformed blocks produce a lot more waste and are extremely difficult to recycle, and off-cuts often unusable.



At R-WALL, we recognise the intrinsic value of discarded plastics and choose to give them a new life; transforming them into valuable products once again by trapping any waste product and using it to create something which in fact benefits the environment. R-WALL board has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of less than five. It has attained a coveted Green Guide Rating A+ by BREEAM. By engaging in this circular economy, we simultaneously reduce greenhouse gases, helping to secure a safe and healthy planet for our next generations.

Flexibility in Design 

Architect hold plans

One of the most important aspects of building a home is the design, as of course it is personal to the homeowner. When building a home, a priority for most is ensuring the design is exactly what they had envisioned. Luckily, R-WALL does not require the sacrifice of your dream home, as it does not limit the architect’s designs.


R-WALL can build anything from straight walls to curved to pools and basements. No special design or consideration is required keeping architects happy and their costs down! This is not the case for other ICF systems built of pre-formed blocks which require specialist design considerations.

R-WALL builds are suitable for all types of finishes including render, stone, brick, wood and steel.

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