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Build Better, Build R-WALL!

ICF is the future of Building

R-WALL Insulated Concrete Formwork offers a low carbon, environmentally friendly, quick build technique without compromise, producing high performance homes, with outstanding strength, performance and longevity

R-WALL a New, Innovative UK ICF system

R-WALL is a New Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) build system. Outer layers of R-Board (Extruded polystyrene XPS) are bound together by R-Rails and R-Ties. Courses are formed to desired height and the shuttered cavity is filled with concrete and allowed to set. The resulting monolithic structure is then ready for render or cladding systems to be applied externally and plasterboard application/ first fix services internally.


R-WALL is designed to be climate conscious and design driven; combining exceptional energy, environmental and build efficiency with great versatility. R-WALL offers developers, architects and home owners an innovative new cutting edge build system with no compromise.


No longer must a home owner, builder or developer accept slow construction, build schedules hampered by poor weather, or soft wood timber frames with short life expectancy's. Take the complication out of building without compromising on the strength, versatility, longevity and performance. Produce Eco homes with exceptional Energy efficiency, saving costs and future proofing the home. Build sustainably now and preserve our precious resources for future generations.


R-WALL is not restricted by modularity. The system offers Architects and home owners the freedom to design what they envision and builders the flexibility to build without restriction. R-WALL is the leading ICF system for wall widths to U-Values! Delivering a U-Value as low as 0.10, approximate lifespans of 100 years, fire ratings of 4 hours + and exceptional sound proofing and healthier living environments.

R-Wall ICF Insulating Concrete Formwork Wall being poured
R-Wall Curved ICF Insulating Concrete Wall Cornwall
R-Wall Insulating Concrete Formwork ICF Cornwall cladding
Future proof your build! Build energy efficient, healthier homes, build Net Zero

R-WALL creates super energy efficient, air tight homes with exceptional sound attenuation, zero cold bridging and the advantages of thermal mass. The structures are exceptionally strong, rot, infestation and flood resistant. To find out more about the performance levels of R-WALL click here.

An ICF with unrivalled versatility - Build anything with just 4 components!

They say the simple designs are the best! R-WALL's versatility is one aspect which sets it apart from its modular competitors. The versatility offered by R-WALL is almost limitless. R-WALL does not need specialist architect drawings, it can build anything to any and exact sizes and builders enjoy the freedom to adapt to the build environment. Find out more Click here.

R-Wall ICF Insulating Concrete Formwork Cantilever cornwall
R-Wall ICF Insulating Concrete Formwork pouring a gable Cornwall
A quick, cost effective, lightweight build technique which can be built in all weathers!

One of R-WALLs 2.5m blocks is equivalent to laying 14 standard concrete blocks and weighing 57 times lighter! The system is unaffected by wet weather conditions and therefore prevents build delays.

R-WALL components, our market leading edge
Continuous double layered higher performing closed cell insulation

R-WALL uses a stronger closed cell insulation known as Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) to form its R-Boards. This closed cell nature prevents water ingress, damp air migration, increases formwork strength, reduces onsite damage, and allows for narrower wall widths to achievable U-Values. Our R-Board has an exceptional compressive strength of 300kpa. To find out more about R-Board XPS click here

R-Rails strengthen the joint between courses and maintain straightness

R-WALL courses are joined with recycled plastic R-Rails. These rails maintain straightness in the walls and provide exceptional strength between courses. Increasing formwork and pour strength. Theses R-Rails providing fixings points within the R-WALL structure and being horizontal, you never miss a fixing!

R-Wall ICF Insulating Concrete Formwork Cornwall
Uncongested core, no re-enforcement as standard, creates a solid monolithic wall

R-WALLs core is uncongested. This allows for super fill efficiency's, helping to achieve a uniform concrete placement without the requirement for high levels of poker use during pour. As standard R-WALL does not require the addition of re-enforcement bars, therefore saving time and cost.


The resulting monolithic concrete wall provides an excellent sound, air and fire barrier

Moveable R-Ties with locator points

Perhaps one of R-WALLs most unique features is the moveable R-Tie. With a double clip feature which has been tested to hold 250kg in weight per R-Tie, this adds superior strength to the formwork. The R-Ties are designed to allow concrete to flow easily and have convenient locator points, for placement of re-enforcement bar (if required) ensuring the appropriate concrete cover is achieved

Its simple - Alter R-Tie length to change the concrete core thickness
Alter the R-Board thickness to achieve desired Energy efficiency
R-Wall Underslab Floor Insulation Ravatherm XPS
Maximise Energy Efficiency with R-WALLs Insulated  Floor system!

Did you know R-WALL also sells an insulated Flooring system. Our system can be placed under slab to create a complete envelope of insulation around the building. Underfloor heating pipes can be laid into this slab maximising Energy efficiency and minimising cost!

A guide to building with R-WALL in 6 easy steps
R-Wall ICF Insulating Concrete Formwork Cornwall built in 6 easy steps
A quick guide to why you should build R-WALL!
Outstanding performance!
R-Wall ICF Insulating Concrete Formwork XPS v EPS

Better performing XPS insulation

R-Wall ICF Insulating Concrete Formwork is Closed cell

Closed cell XPS insulation prevents ingress of liquid or vapour

R-Wall ICF Cornwall Formwork poured

Non modular = maximum versatility, very little wastage

R-Wall ICF energy efficient homes

Outstanding Energy Efficiency, U-Values as low as 0.10, save up to 50% on heating bills

R-Wall ICF stronger formwork

Stronger formwork, R-Board rated 300 Kpa, R-Ties tested to hold 250kg per tie

R-Wall Outstanding Sound attenuation

Outstanding sound attenuation STC ratings of 50+

R-Wall ICF Zero Cold bridging

Zero cold bridging - achieve healthier living environments

R-Wall ICF Cornwall airtight construction technique

Super air tight construction

R-Wall ICF lightweight build method

Light weight build technique, 57 times lighter than standard construction

R-Wall wisthstands wind speeds upto 250mph

Withstand wind speeds up to 250mph

R-Wall ICF fast construction technique

Fast build construction 

R-Wall ICF advantages of thermal mass

Benefits of Thermal mass internal temperature regulation

R-Wall ICF All weather construction method

All weather construction, reducing build delays

R-Wall ICF maximum acheivable Fire ratings

Maximum achievable Fire rating, Insulation contains a fire retardant 

R-Wall ICF compatible with UK metric fixings

Don't miss fixings! - Horizontal fixing points & compatible with the UK metric build system

R-Wall Cornwall UK based ICF system

UK based, quality materials, quick supply times

R-Wall ICF can build anything

R-WALL does not require specialist plans! R-WALL can build anything exactly as required offering total design flexibility

R-WALLS Environmental Credentials
R-Wall ICF low carbon footprint

Low carbon footprint, expected lifespan approximately 100 years +


R-WALL Insulation is blown using waste CO2, making good use of a global warming gas!

R-Wall awarded Breeam rating of A

Awarded a Bre Green Guide (BREEAM) Rating of A+


R-WALL uses recycled plastics to create its products and every aspect of R-WALL is recyclable

R-Wall Environmentally friendly manafactured with wind energy

Manufactured using wind energy

Awarded a Global Warming Potential of less than 5

R-Wall ICF non modular - less waste

R-WALL off cuts do not become waste, they can be re-used. R-WALL sends Zero waste to landfill.

Awarded Ozone Depletion Potential of 0

R-WALLS Approvals
R-Wall BBA fully tested and approved - Certificate number 20/5809

BBA fully tested and approved - Certificate number 20/5809


Accepted and approved by major warranty providers


Accepted by the Council of Mortgage Lenders as "standard" construction for mortgage purposes


Inspected and supported by Leader Project, Atlantic and Moor, Cornwall Development Company and Europe Growth and Investment projects.

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What can R-WALL build?



Pools & Ponds




Retaining Walls




Curved Walls


What our customers say

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Mr Cummins

Brilliant product and exceptional customer service from Matt. So quick and easy to bild and incredibly strong. This has got to be the future of building


Mr Curtis

We wouldnt hesitate to recommend R-Wall. Fantastic service from strart to finish with excellent on site assistance. This system is the future of building!


Mr Erwin

We couldn’t be more pleased with R-Wall. We have used other ICF systems in the past, but this system not only looks the best during construction but the strength of the product is amazing. Pour day was nothing but a pleasure as was dealing with R-Wall from quote to completion. We would use them again and highly recommend to anyone wanting to build with ICF.

We are proud that R-WALL is has been inspected, approved and Supported by the government European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, Atlantic and Moor and the Leader group.

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Build Better, Build for less! 

R-WALL has been compared on many occasions to other construction methods including Timber Frame, Standard Construction, SIPS etc and customers have found R-WALL to be the cheapest way to build and achieve super energy efficient homes! Being UK based we are unaffected by Brexit or importation issues. Can you afford not to build R-WALL? Apply for a quote now!

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