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Structural Engineers

R-Wall is structural engineer specified. The sizes on the concrete core, lintel details to concrete specifications are all determined by the structural engineer. It is of great important to utilise the services of Structural Engineers with knowledge and expertise in designing builds with ICF. This can make a major difference to the overall cost of the build and ease of construction. The specification of one engineer to another can differ immensely, based on their knowledge and experience.  We have compiled a list below of structural engineer's we currently recommend:

Laskar Structures
Gerald Laskar
07733 676464

Entos Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers

Lee Whitehead


Cornwall Design Engineering Consultants Ltd (CEDC Ltd)

Matt Crompton


Sustainable Energy

Energy Calculation services

Energy Performance Services

Ben Marsh

01288 358 222


A build solution for all clients

R-WALL offers advantages to all clients from the small self builder, to the major developer.

Easy to Construct - easy enough for the less experienced self builder. But also benefits the major developer requiring a less skilled build team. R-WALL can train most individuals in the use of the product in just one day.

Quick build method - the R-WALL board comes in 1.2 and 2.5m lengths. Laying one 2.5m R-WALL section is equivalent to laying 7 concrete blocks! The substantial bungalow shown to the left was built, poured and competed ready for roof in just 8 days (1 of those days being the training course), with an average of only 3 builders. This holds major speed advantages for developers which demand quick construction.

Built in all weathers - Clients are no longer at the mercy of the British weather! R-WALL can be built in all weathers!

System Choices - Eco to Superior range and core widths from 6 inch to 10 inch. Choices to suit all pockets and all projects!

Superior Versatility - R-WALL can build curved walls, straight walls, party walls, retaining walls, any degree of corner. It is great for Class Q conversions being able to encompass existing structures, building around them or incorporating them or a combination of both! A solution to that thermal bridging! Whilst adding strength, super energy efficiency and sound attenuation. Its moveable ties and non modular system aid the build process, easily encompassing starter bars or unlevel footings. Its uncongested core and specially designed ties create unrivalled fill efficiency, even with the addition of reinforcement.  

R-Wall Insulated Concrete Formwork Retaining wall

Above Ground and below ground

R-WALLs superior strength allows it to offer a quick and cheaper alternative to basement, retaining wall construction and pools. 

The retaining wall pictured was built in 2 days by self builders. The previously designed masonry wall required 4500 concrete blocks, which in the adverse weather conditions would have taken months to complete! This 10 inch steel reinforced concrete core wall came in at half the price. And lets be honest its much more attractive!  

R-WALLs versatility means basement walls can be included as part of the envelope of the building. Architects can design to change R-Tie size and thus concrete core or the insulation widths as and when required within build to save the client cost.

Pools can be constructed easily, at much reduced prices.

R-WALL sells flooring insulation which compliments perfectly with R-WALLs formwork. Creating a full thermal envelope. To find out more click below.

R-Wall Insulated Concrete Formwork BBA approval

Fully BBA approved

Rest assured the system has been tested and inspected by the most accepted and well known testing agency in the UK. R-WALL is fully BBA approved.

R-WALL is accepted by all mortgage lenders. For mortgage purposes its classified as "standard construction".

R-Wall Insulated concrete formwork build


R-WALL has been designed with Horizontal fixing points unlike many of its competitors which have vertical. The advantage means you will never miss a fixing.  This results in cost savings and off course increased build speed.

External Finishes

R-WALLs choice of finishes are virtually limitless. They can include;

  • Wood 

  • Render

  • Stone

  • Brick

  • Steel/Zinc

Renders are applied directly onto R-WALL and other finishes are applied via battens secured to the R-Rails and occasional fixings to the concrete core for heavier claddings. Any doors and windows can be incorporated.

Internal Finishes

Plasterboard is applied directly to the insulation, no need for dot and dabbing, no need to battening off walls. With our horizontal fixings, plasterboard can be applied in full sheets without the need for cutting to meet fixing points. Increasing speed, saving money and decreasing waste.

Electrics are easily chased into the polystyrene with a multitool or hot knife. R-WALL's insulation does not contain plastic webbing  and therefore this process is extremely quick and easy.

Architects Planning

R-WALL Design Library Coming soon! 

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