R-Board Options

50mm 2D wall configration logo.jpg

eco board


U-Value = 0.27

75mm 157mm 75mm wall configuration 2D lo

Standard Board


U-Value = 0.18

100mm 2D configuration logo.jpg

Supreme Board


U-Value = 0.14

125mm 2D config logo.jpg

Ultimate board


U-Value = 0.11

Or the choice can be a combination of the above boards as illustrated below;

all options board logo.jpg

R-Board is supplied in a stunning gunmetal grey finish in various widths from 50mm to 150mm (150mm is not stocked an special order). As the board thickness increases the U-Values drop. R-Board is constructed from a new more highly energy efficient XPS. This superior XPS enables us to deliver the best U-Values on the ICF market. The board is manufactured by an extrusion process, resulting in a homogeneous, closed-cell material structure, a smooth surface skin (extrusion skin) and many favourable material properties including, permanently high thermal insulation performance, water resistance, high compressive strength, high flexible rigidity and high vapour diffusion resistance